We can help your team build skills and capabilities through a wide range of training workshops covering different topics tailored to your specific needs.

Pricing & Reimbursement

Dive deeper into developing, communicating and capturing payor value that are critical during the pricing and reimbursement process. Gain knowledge of the system, the processes, the timelines and key deliverables to efficiently manage the reimbursement pathway and ensure access to all eligible patients.

Understanding the Components of an Integrated Access Package

Get more value out of the interaction between clinical and commercial aiming to align the strategy and cover the needs of all stakeholders. Get a deep understanding of the interconnections and enable your team to set and deploy a comprehensive strategic plan.

Value & Access Optimization

From Drug Cost to Payer Valuation - How to get the best value? Use different Pricing Models to optimize the value of your product and reach more patients in need.

Principles of HTA & Health Economics

Get a detailed understanding of the principles of HTA and how health economics is used by payers to determine the added value of your product and enable patient access.

Negotiation Skills

Learn the technique of Negotiations and treat the “relationship” as an important and valuable element of what’s at stake, while seeking an equitable and fair agreement.

Advocacy & Patient Advocate Training

Learn about the principles and purpose, roles and responsibilities, challenges and benefits of advocacy. A patient advocate must be equipped with a variety of skills to provide resources and comfort to patients.

Pharma Policy & Country Healthcare Systems

Understand different system archetypes and the needs of Payors / decision makers in order to build a robust value proposition.

Digital Health

Learn more about opportunities and challenges of digital Health in Daily Clinical Practice in various diseases and how you can utilize digital health technologies and Gamification for Patient Education and Medications Adherence.