Develop Value Story

  • Build value proposition with all key points of the Value Dossier and the added value that the product brings to the patient and system
  • Develop Negotiations’ Strategy and assess possible scenarios
  • Coach the Negotiations’ Team

Improve Value Story

  • Analyse minutes of the Mock Negotiations
  • Make proposals to improve value story and Negotiations strategy
  • Develop the final value story to be submitted to the HTA/Negotiations’ Committee

Test Value Proposition & Strategy in Workshops

  • Dry-Run of value proposition internally for feedback from local/regional team and finalization of draft
  • Prepare Q&As for all key challenges
  • Screen experts for the Mock Negotiations, share value dossier (confidentiality agreement) and prepare the team
  • Run Mock Negotiations Workshop

Support During the Negotiation

  • Follow up all stages of Negotiations Preparation before meeting with Authorities and de-brief after each meeting
  • Consult the team on the counter-proposal based on all available data

Mock Negotiations

Mock Negotiation workshops replicate real world situations, enabling participants to test and witness the impact of their strategies and tactics on their negotiation plans, prior to engaging in formal negotiations.

We select the mock negotiators panel from a pool of Health Industry experts (e.g. academics, ex payor’s managers, clinical pharmacists, practitioners etc). We then brief and help familiarize the panel of experts with the case on hand.

The panel meets with the negotiation team, that presents the value story and enters into discussions and negotiations. The meeting is video recorded, and feedback related to content and negotiating conduct is collected and used for the purpose of fine-tuning actual strategy and enriching and/or modifying the objections’ handler.