ADDVALUE provides A to Z services by uniquely integrating Market Access, Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Public Affairs and Public Policy Strategies using the most Innovative Medicine Reimbursement Techniques. We are a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with deep expertise in pricing, reimbursement and market access across product development and lifecycles, with access to a broad range of stakeholders. By deploying advanced analytics, innovative methodologies, and qualitative and quantitative research techniques, ADDVALUE aims to support all stakeholders throughout the cumbersome access journey and increase the probability of success amidst unprecedented challenges.

Succeed in reimbursement

We excel in understanding the interdependency between pricing, reimbursement, HTA and Negotiations. We reckon the difference amongst different market archetypes and work with you to generate strong payor-relevant evidence and communicate the value proposition of your product in payer-accessible language.

Executive Training

We can help your team build skills and capabilities through a wide range of training workshops covering different topics tailored to your specific needs.

Legal & Bioethics

Through many years of experience and involvement with the pharmaceutical industry, we have the expertise to advise and support you on key legal, regulatory and bioethical issues and provide solutions on contracting and third parties interactions.

Data Analytics

We offer a wide range of data analytics and business intelligence solutions to address the challenging research questions, to predict future outcomes and to optimize care pathways.

Public Affairs & Public Policy

We help you build reputation and value in the external marketplace based on an effective public affairs & communication strategy and shape public policy for the benefit of patients.

4 Steps to success:


Understanding your needs and the environment you operate is key to our success. It is crucial to understand who is going to be involved in defining the problem; what methods will be used; what kind of data should be collected; and how long will it take.

Strategy & Tactics

Provides a road map to help your business get from where you are now to where you want to be. Milestones are expressed in specific terms, as quantifiable objectives that measure whether you’re proceeding as planned and, if not, how far you've gone off path.


Prepares the team involved in the implementation phase to cope with the needs and complexity of the project. Negotiations is a key module for the associates that are in the front line of communication with Payors and Government officials.


You follow the plan you've put together and handle any problems that come up.

The implementation phase is where you and your project team work on the project to produce the deliverables.

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